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Be welcome

Blue Glory

Home is where the dog is

Love it when a plan comes together

A long time ago

Dutch & Original

Is it the wine talking??

Compose a vase with DoReMiFa

House in the nicest street in Holland

Light up your life

Going out tonight

Over, under, sideways, down

Hand lettered design

Simple 3D visualizations of your future plans

101 ways to live

The missing link

One day or day one

It’s all clear

How do you want to live?

What photoshop can do

Making interior plans from client photo’s

Attention is the new currency

For amsterdam lovers

Show me your posts and I’ll tell you who you are

It doesn’t mean a thing when it ain’t got a swing

Open workspaces

Love to eat in a nice atmosphere

Ever seduced by a chair?

Then and now

Working on a new look

Look at me

Welcome to the jungle

“Love life, live beautiful”

Sketches to visualize a plan


Made by Mae

The joy of dressing is an art

Imagine to play the piano here

Hung up on me